Tabobine® is your ideal photobooth, for all your events but also for renting year-round for your establishment! Designed and manufactured in France, our photobooths are the culmination of a project conducted since 2014 by four engineering friends from Arts et Métiers ParisTech Engineering School: produce a pretty and reliable machine that allows millions of people to keep on a premium glossy paper the memory of a precise moment…

With its vintage look, our photobooth, is a beautiful object that fully participates in making your event cosy and it’s an activity that allows your guests and your customers to leave with long-lasting vintage memories. This is a nice gift for your guests, a series of four photos: they will see it unconsciously many times daily, displayed on the walls of their apartment or office, the fridge door or even in their wallet !

Why choose to rent our vintage photobooth?

Why rent a studio when you can choose a nice photobooth with a design that attracts attention and curiosity, and which, with all the digital features that we have incorporated in our photobooths, can extend the experience even longer?

Thus users of our photobooths can easily find online digital copy of their photos, simply by entering the unique code printed on their picture. They land directly in an online photo gallery attached to the photo booth that you used and customized to your graphic world (party, company, venue, trade show, product launch, etc.). Then, they are invited to enter their email address to receive by email the digital version of their photos, they can very easily post their vintage photo memory on social networks like Facebook and we automatically add the hashtags of your choice to their publications.